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The Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate Partner

Earn Commission

I really appreciate you sharing my course with your network and want you to make money on every course sold. We have two tiers: 20 percent commission and 40 percent commission. Contact me to see which tier is right for you.

Get Free Access to the Course

I want to make sure you feel really good about promoting my product, so I'd love for you to take the course for free, so you can see what it's all about.

Help Your Community

There's a good chance your community has a story to tell and a product to sell. Helping your members get press, be camera confident, and learn how to maximize their exposure is a win-win for everyone.

I'm so excited you're interested in becoming an affiliate

I designed this course to help people feel more prepared and confident, so they say yes to press and stop turning down amazing opportunities due to stage fright and imposter syndrome. With your support, we're going to reach more people and that makes me so happy. There are two ways we can work together. You can be a Tier 1 Affiliate, which makes 20 percent off of every sale or a Tier 2 Affiliate, which makes 40 percent. My team and I are happy to walk you through the different requirements for each level.


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