By using her journalism and production skills, Jessica helps support brands and causes with their reach, relevancy and revenue. Here is how she supports companies and nonprofits.

  • Phase One:

Jessica will meet with your Key Leadership to understand your current company culture. She will meet with employees to learn what they are seeking and what emotional resources are in short-supply. Through this process, Jessica will help you identify your Key Social Performance Indicators.

  • Phase Two:

Jessica will take her notes from her meetings and have a call with your team to review her outline for her keynote and workshop. Once approved, she will customize her content for your audience.

  • Phase Three:

After her keynote and workshop, Jessica will hand out a survey, so you can assess what your team learned. She also will ask everyone to fill out an Application in Action form to hold management and employees accountable to their goals.

  • Coaching:

Jessica is available for coaching sessions with top talent. Once your team has identified the causes they want to work on, what impact they want to have and a timeline of how soon they will have it, Jessica will help your key performers stay on track and help your office organize a sharing session.