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Mastering Media Means Knowing What Journalists Want to Cover 
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My 2024 PR Calendar is designed to keep you in the loop of every important media date that news outlets, media companies, and journalists are paying close attention to this year. Consider it your GPS navigator to the world of getting press.

With my FREE 2024 PR Calendar at your side, you can plan your visibility strategy ahead of time instead of scrambling your way into an editor’s inbox.

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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hi! I'm Jessica Abo

I’m a media trainer, storytelling coach, and an award-winning journalist, and I use my 20-plus years working as a television news anchor and reporter to help physicians, experts, entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, authors, and celebrities share their stories with the world.

Whether my clients want to nail an on-air interview, pitch new business, or prepare for a keynote, I help each person develop the confidence they need to no longer fear or dread public speaking.

From My Clients

Amazing Testimonials

"Ever wondered what it takes to shine on screen? Jessica Abo is your answer. She truly takes you on a transformational journey that makes you the star of your own story. First, let's talk about talking. Ever felt like you are rambling without making a point? That was me! Jessica's taught me how to master the art of speaking in soundbites. Clear, concise, compelling - that's what you'll become."

Michelle Jacobik
Business Profitability Strategist

"As I begin my media journey I found this course very educational and after the bootcamp, I now have a readiness plan to help me prepare for my camera moment."

Hazel Evans
Co-Founder of Top Tier Fractional Execs

"Jessica is more than just a coach; she's a beacon of wisdom and unwavering support, consistently urging me to stretch my boundaries. Thanks to her, I landed a spot on KTLA Live, an accomplishment I once only dreamed of. After taking her transformative course, I found the confidence to quit my day job, turning my side project into a flourishing business. As I navigated this new path, her steadfast encouragement and invaluable guidance have been my compass."

Charlie Kerbel
Founder + CEO of ME N U Grazing LA and Penny Blue Gift Co.
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