In this all-encompassing online course award-winning journalist, sought-after media trainer, and best-selling author Jessica Abo will teach her proven methods to nailing your on camera interviews and public speaking engagements.


In this all-encompassing online course award-winning journalist, sought-after media trainer, and best-selling author Jessica Abo will teach her proven methods to nailing your on camera interviews and public speaking engagements.


Isn't it Time You Stopped Being
Camera Shy?


Do You...

  • Want to be known for your thought leadership?
  • Decline media opportunities because you suffer from stage fright?
  • Agonize over the thought of public speaking?
  • Lose your train of thought while answering questions or giving presentations?
  • Over-memorize your material, and in turn, come across as robotic?
  • Ramble during interviews and don't know when to stop?
  • Freeze when someone asks you a "gotcha" question?
  • Cringe when you hear yourself speak or see yourself on camera? 
  • Have a hard time closing deals because your pitches are lackluster?
  • Want to utilize video clips for marketing purposes but struggle to figure out how to?
  • Feel like you lose people’s interest when you’re presenting?

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, it’s time to take control of your narrative by learning how to ace any interview or public speaking engagement utilizing the teachings in this in-depth online course.

Why should you start perfecting your on-air or in-person speaking skills?

When you take the time to make media training a priority, you can expect:

  • Ample opportunities to attract, educate, and inspire your ideal audience
  • A fool-proof, manageable method to nix your nerves
  • To know how to speak in soundbites and how to control an interview
  • Set up your virtual interview shot and know what to wear when on camera
  • A boost in revenue and reach by maximizing your media exposure
  • Gain the confidence necessary to reel in investors or shareholders
  • Build the foundation to establish yourself as an authority figure in your industry

This media-training-based course will help you to develop the confidence to feel comfortable saying YES to press interviews and pitch opportunities that can be parlayed into money-making opportunities, exposure, and traction.


3 Amazing Things That You'll Learn From This Course


Talking in Soundbites

Master the art of talking in soundbites. Do you ever feel like you don’t answer the question? Or don't know when to stop talking? Let’s fix that.


Camera Confidence

Boost your camera confidence. Get ready to learn how to pivot, control an interview, and how to answer questions you don’t like or know the answer to.


Maximize Exposure

Get ready to learn what the press wants, how to be a great guest so you're invited back, and what to do with your media clips to give your 15-minutes of fame some longevity.


What's Inside
the Course

Guided Videos

This course is packed with an intro to the course, a video about me, and 10 lessons where I talk you through what I know, so you can think like a publicist, act like a reporter, and ace your on-air appearances like a media pro.

Progress Worksheets

I cover a lot in this course and I didn't want you to feel like you had to write down every word, so I've created worksheets that cover all of the exercises to help you move through the material in each lesson.

Extra Support + Bonuses

I offer private coaching services if you want to go over your questions with me in real time. There's also a special bonus for completing the course to help you launch your PR efforts.

Added Bonuses! 

Landing Press Coverage 101 Ebook 

Once you complete the course, you’ll also get my ebook Landing Press Coverage 101: 20 Pages of Must-Have Pitching Tips.

Valued at $397!

10+ Downloadable Activities

These activities will help you break down each section even more and help keep you on track.

Valued at $297!

Get Press with Jess

Learn How to Get Press and Finally Get Noticed. Includes tips and tricks to help you to land major press coverage.

Valued at $297!


Here's More of 
What's Inside!

This course was designed to transform you into a terrific interview subject that the media seeks out, instead of having to constantly pitch yourself or your brand. You will leave this course with the tools necessary to become a true media darling and the know-how to turn a typical interview into a vehicle to establish yourself as a trusted media personality in your area of expertise! Here’s what you can expect to learn from the course:


How to Prepare for a Media Interview

From informal interviews to LIVE broadcasts to podcasts, you may be asked to participate in a variety of interview types.

In this Part, you’ll learn the differences between each and find out the pro-pre-interview tips that make the recipe for success.

This part includes:

  • A breakdown of the different types of interviews you may be asked to do
  • An overview of the pre-interview questions you should be asking
  • Insight on how interviews are incorporated into various media segments
  • Download: Pre-Interview Question Checklist


How to Talk in Soundbites

If you ever feel like you don’t answer the questions adequately or don't know when to stop talking, we’ll address that here.

You’ll learn how to give the reporter short, concise, interesting answers that they’ll be able to turn into memorable segments the audience will love. 

In this part, you will:

  • Develop succinct sound bites that keep the audience engaged and encompass the story YOU want to tell
  • Identify ways to circle any conversation back to you or your brand
  • Learn how to condense your statements by formulating short tidbits that keep your story at the center of the conversation
  • Download: The 5-Step Formula For Successful Sound Bites


How to Pivot

Sometimes the conversation can get off-topic.

Instead of wasting time talking about things that don’t matter you’ll learn how to pivot the conversation back to you and your brand.

In this part, you will:

  • Establish tactics to help you nix any nervousness
  • Construct talking points to combat awkwardness during interviews
  • Determine talking points to navigate around tough questions
  • Formulate your “pivot points” to help keep control of the conversation
  • Begin to build a true foundation for on-camera confidence
  • Download: 3-Steps To Pivot The Conversation & Take Back Control


Practice Makes Better

Most people don’t become great interview subjects overnight.

In this section, you’ll learn about proven practice methods to ensure you’re on point for your upcoming interview.

In this part, you will:

  • Clarify the differences between being “on” and “off” the record
  • Design tactics to help you to remain cool, calm, and collected
  • Find ways to buy time while you formulate thoughtful answers
  • Examine the do’s and don’ts of being interviewed
  • Discover the importance of having one valuable point per sentence
  • Formalzie speaking habits in a manner that keeps the audience interested
  • Download - Mock Interview


The Biggest Mistakes I See People Make

Do you know those interviews that go viral for the wrong reasons? 

In this section, you will learn how to avoid making the most common mistakes made by those that are new to the world of media. 

In this part, you will:

  • Identify the most commonly made mistakes during interview
  • Learn techniques to avoid going viral for the wrong reasons
  • Gain the clarity necessary to properly prepare yourself for any interview
  • Download: 11 Mistakes To Avoid During Any Interview


Body Language

Instead of coming off as nervous or overly eager, learn how to come off as calm, cool, and collected under any circumstance. 

Your body language can say just as much as the actual words you’re speaking. To prevent sending conflicting messages, we’ll cover the ways to keep your physical composure when on camera. 

In this part, you will:

  • Determine why body language is so important during on-camera interviews
  • Recognize and address any bad body language habits you may have
  • Craft techniques to prevent yourself from making the most common body language mistakes
  • Download - The Top 8 Body Language No-No’s


Camera Ready

While your talking points are important, you’ll need to know what works when it comes to wardrobe. 

You’ll do just that in this section. 

In this part, you will: 

  • Identity the do’s and don’ts of every aesthetic aspect of an interview
  • Cover the importance of clothing and color palettes
  • Gain clarity on how to properly frame and light an online interview
  • Look at how lighting can impact various aspects of on-camera interviews
  • Determine the do’s and don’ts of makeup, wardrobe, and accessories
  • Download - Camera-Ready Checklist


The Media Kit

Your goal with any interview is to be the kind of guest that reporters can’t wait to book again. 

In this section, you’ll learn how to build relationships with reporters that lead to other opportunities. A big part of making a reporter’s life easier is having a solid media kit.

In this part, you will:

  • Master what a media kit is and why it’s important
  • Begin to develop what materials you’ll need to include in your media kit
  • Download - 5 Steps To Create Your Professional Bio
  • Download II - Media Kit Checklist


I Aced My Interview - Now What?

Once the interview is over, your work isn’t finished. 

In this section, you’ll learn how to leverage your newfound “fame” and make media connections that are mutually beneficial for your brand as well as media outlets.

In this part, you will:

  • Learn how to maximize your post-interview momentum via proven tactics
  • Find out what a digital task force is and why you or your brand should have one
  • Discover the importance of creating a content calendar
  • Pinpoint ways to repurpose your interview into social media and other promotional content 
  • Download - Create Your Content Calendar
  • Download II - Creating A Digital Checklist


Make Friends with the Media

You’ve done it all and now you want to stay in touch and get asked back. Here’s how to do it!

In this section we’re going to cover the post-interview practices that will help to solidify a positive working relationship with reporters or news media outlets.

In this part, you will:

  • Leverage your initial interview to create long-lasting relationships with the media
  • Position yourself as a go-to resource for reporters
  • Increase your future on-air opportunities through purpose-driven media interactions
  • Download - Making Friends With The Media: Post-Interview Best Practices

About Jessica

Jessica Abo is a sought-after media trainer and storytelling coach who uses her 20-plus years of journalism experience to help physicians, experts, entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, authors, and celebrities share their stories with the world. Whether Jessica is helping her clients get ready to nail an on-air interview, pitch new business, or prepare for a keynote, she works with each person to help them develop the confidence they need to no longer fear or dread public speaking.

Through her 1:1 coaching and workshops, Jessica breaks down the do's and don'ts when it comes to talking in soundbites, setting up your shot, pivoting, and pitching the press. By sharing her marketing tips, Jessica's clients leave her sessions with new ways to reach the masses and maximize their media exposure.

An award-winning journalist herself, Jessica hosts her own weekly business segment on and co-hosts the popular Startups in Stilettos podcast on the Entreprenista Network. Her debut book, Unfiltered: How To Be As Happy As You Look On Social Media, sold out on its first day and empowers readers with tools they can use to avoid falling into the compare-and-despair trap when they scroll online.

Jessica started her public speaking career when she was 15 years old. Over the years, she has presented around the country including at TEDx, Facebook, Microsoft, Delta Airlines, WW, and the United Nations. Her speaking tours have taken her to hundreds of schools, colleges, universities, and nonprofits. She has been featured on The TODAY Show, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, KTLA, CBS, FOX, and CNN as well as in Forbes, Fast Company, Women's Health, and more. 

When she is not spending time with her family or working with a client, you’ll find Jessica supporting a myriad of causes. She has raised millions of dollars for several charities by producing her own galas and running marathons. Jessica has received several awards for her philanthropic work and is one of the youngest people in the country to be named a regional finalist for the White House Fellows Program, the nation’s most prestigious program for leadership and commitment to public service.


Amazing Testimonials

“I cannot recommend media training with Jessica highly enough. The sessions were informative, helpful, and her teaching style put me completely at ease. In such a short amount of time I learned how to make press work for me, including navigating print, podcast, and TV interviews, and how to put my best foot forward when speaking to the public about my medical research. Her advice and coaching were invaluable!”

Weill Cornell Medicine

"I had the pleasure to work with Jessica on media training. She was very thorough, prepared and helpful as she coached me to more succinctly tell my company’s story, not to mention make it much more interesting! I thoroughly recommend Jessica!"

The Vitamin Shoppe

"My time working with Jessica was invaluable. No exaggeration, after one hour with her, I was a different presenter. She helped me unlock my stage presence, coached me on techniques to capture and maintain the audience's attention, and showed me how to look good while doing it! And, she did all of that with a no-bullshit, yet empathetic style that I really appreciated. Highly recommend working with Jessica."

Business Operations

Ready? Action! 

Do you want to feel more confident when you’re speaking on camera or pitching new business? Are you ready to talk about yourself, and your company, and want to kick imposter syndrome to the curb once and for all? Well, now is your chance to stop dreading public speaking and start saying yes to more opportunities.

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Your Course Includes:

  • How to Talk in Soundbites
  • How to Practice
  • How to Control an Interview 
  • How to Set Up Your Shot 
  • How to Be the Best Guest 
  • How to Maximize Your Exposure 

Added Bonuses:

  • Landing Press Coverage 101 Ebook 

  • 10+ Downloadable Activities

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