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Jessica Abo is the founder and CEO of Jett Productions, helping today’s workforce stay relevant, relatable, and ready for anything. An award-winning journalist, bestselling author, sought-after media trainer, and public relations expert, Jessica has more than  20 years of TV news experience. Leveraging her extensive background, she teaches audiences the skills necessary to boost their executive presence. Her training emphasizes communicating with inspiration, effectiveness, and clarity to ensure everyone is in sync. After hearing Jessica present, leaders, managers, and employees understand how to share their ideas and recommendations, fostering organizational alignment and maintaining a strong corporate reputation.

As a media trainer, Jessica has worked with top executives of companies such as Amazon, Paramount, and Meta, empowering each person to carry themselves with confidence they need to amplify their influence in the office. She has coached our country’s leading healthcare providers at prestigious institutions like Fred Hutch, Mount Sinai, Weill Cornell, and the Hospital for Special Surgery. 

Drawing from her professional experience and personal stories, Jessica is a highly sought-after speaker. Her speaking engagements have taken her to Delta Airlines, Microsoft, Weight Watchers, and TEDx, as well as hundreds of small businesses, nonprofits and schools. Most recently, she was invited to speak at Stedman Graham’s foundation.

While Jessica’s career has seen her covering everything from wrongful conviction cases to politics, today, you can find her regularly in the media herself. She has appeared on The TODAY Show, Good Morning America’s GMA3, Access Hollywood, Dr. Phil’s Mornings on Merit Street, and more. As a writer and contributor to and, she has profiled industry titans. She knows what it takes to capture attention and inspire action, which are vital to break through the noise in today’s fast-paced world.

Jessica's debut book made waves in the media, selling out on its first day and landed the official GRAMMY Awards gift bag. When she’s not having dance parties in the kitchen with her family, you’ll find her supporting several philanthropic causes. She’s been recognized by the White House and won several awards for her charity work.

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“If you want a great speaker who is going to over-deliver, you want Jessica at your next event."

Bill Walsh
Serial Entrepreneur
CEO of Powerteam International

Camera Ready Communication

How to Amplify Your Influence in the Corporate Arena and Beyond

From her 20 plus years covering breaking news Jessica Abo knows that sometimes you have to be on in a moment’s notice.

Today, this award-winning journalist turned CEO teaches leaders and teams how to amplify their influence through Camera-Ready Communication. Whether you’re preparing for your annual review, pitching new business, getting ready to lead a team meeting, or doing a company-wide presentation, Jessica will boil down how to be an effective communicator, so people listen to you. From there, she’ll show you how to get the media excited about your company’s mission, vision, and results.

Jessica believes you have to have camera-ready communication to build relationships. In a world where AI is taking over, relationships, and how we communicate, will be the currency of the future of work.


1. How to be relevant

In today's fast-paced world, being able to communicate your idea is more important than ever. Jessica will teach you how to be relevant and break through the noise to drive results and build stronger connections, internally and externally.

2. How to be relatable

Oftentimes, what we want to say doesn't land. Poor communication can lead to chaos and confusion. Jessica will share tips so you can communicate your message, ideas, and services in a clear and concise way that draws the audience in and fosters more trust and collaboration.

3. How to be ready for anything

Whether your boss wants to know where a project stands, or you get notified about a last-minute speaking opportunity in front of the board or a media interview, success comes down to being ready for anything. Jessica will use her experience covering breaking news to help you better control every conversation and appearance.

“Jessica’s authenticity and humility were deeply inspiring.”

— Arielle Gross, Facebook New York

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