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"My big first press win came from working with Jessica..."

Dr. Kanwal Haq

Does it drive you bananas every time you see your less-qualified competitors getting featured in the press or when you see stories about your expertise and no one reached out to you for a comment?

Cutting through the noise and establishing yourself as a globally recognized leading expert doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. 

From the White House to the Red Carpet, over the last 20 years, I've worked with thousands of people across different professions to help them get established as the go-to expert in their industry.

My time-tested media secrets will show you exactly how to position yourself to stand out in the crowd, get tons of PR opportunities and quickly become a media magnet.

For three years, students have gone through my “Get Press Now” program, which I designed to be your high-touch and step-by-step experience to help you put all of my proven strategies into action and start seeing immediate results!

In 6 Quick Weeks of Live Laser Coaching,
You’ll Have a Wealth of Proven Top Media Secrets & New Found Unwavering Confidence.

Get Ready To...

Identify Your Unique PR Angles

Tailor your message specifically to meet your customer/audience’s needs like a skilled, trustworthy expert. This is key to building the foundation you need to establish yourself as an authority and leading figure in your industry so you can easily skyrocket your income.

Learn How to Talk in Soundbites

Master the art of giving short, concise, and interesting answers that make for memorable segments your audience will love and remember. Impress any TV, podcast, and broadcast host with your mastery, and don’t be surprised if they put you on speed dial.

Gain Unshakeable On-Camera Confidence

Surprise yourself with your newfound sureness as you learn how to pivot a conversation gracefully, control an interview, and even set up the perfect shot to make a great first impression.

Understand How to Maximize Your Exposure

Magnify your 15 minutes of fame to sustain your visibility efforts for the long game. You’ll know exactly what to do with your media clips, and how to become any host’s favorite guest. My proven strategies work like clockwork, keeping a constant cycle of press opportunities on your calendar.

Build Lasting Relationships with Media Professionals

Cultivate meaningful connections with reports and publicists that lead to incredible opportunities. This is your secret ingredient to expanding your exposure, reach, and revenue.

My Bootcamp Graduates Have Celebrated Some Amazing Wins!

How Will Your
Business & Life Change If…

…You’re finally enjoying the respect, recognition, and rewards you deserve because you said “I’m done” to sitting on the sidelines and started saying yes to press?

…You no longer wonder where your next client is coming from because you’ll have a roster of eager clients who trust you, thanks to the constant media attention you’re getting.

…One year from now, you’re accomplishing goals you once left for the tailend of your 5 year plan.

…You’re getting coveted invitations to speak on stages as you embrace the new title of “thought leader.”

…You’re attracting business propelling opportunities at your doorstep, simply because you’ve established yourself as a credible authority figure in your industry.

All of This is Possible When You’ve Got
the Power of Press By Your Side.

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Visibility Plan All Laid Out?

Here’s What’s Included!

4 Weeks of Live Group Laser Coaching with Jessica

$9,000 Value

There’s no better way to prepare than to practice! Each week, we’ll dive into your pitch, fine-tune, and practice, practice, practice! This is also your invitation to pick my brain and ask me any questions you have about your visibility strategy.

Ask Me Anything Private 1:1 with Jessica

$1,500 Value

If having Jessica as your private media trainer sounds like a great idea to you, look no further. This will be the same comprehensive approach Jessica uses with her high-paying clients to provide tailored strategies and a visibility plan that aligns with your goals.

Go From Camera Shy to Camera Ready Course

$997 Value

Prepare for your on-camera opportunities so you can nail your interviews every time with this on-demand course. It’ll take you from stumbling through responses filled with “um’s” to talking in soundbites. We’ll also take a step further so that you’re ahead of the curve by knowing how to set up your shot, maximize exposure, and make the media love you.

Mock Interview Day with a Journalist

$997 Value

It’s showtime! Get ready to practice for the pressure. Put your month’s worth of coaching and learning into action. Mock interview day is when a member of the media will interview you like you're on live TV all while being surrounded by your bootcamp classmates. You'll get on-the-spot feedback and leave feeling like you really can do this in the real world.

Get Press with Jess Guide

$297 Value

Get my best tips and tricks to land major press coverage including how to establish the right angles and how to pitch the press to land the best media exposure for your business.

Landing Press Coverage 101 eBook

$197 Value

Get my best tips and tricks to land major press coverage, including how to establish the right angles and how to pitch the press to land the best media exposure for your business.

That's $12,988
 in Total Value
for only $5,997! 

(That’s over $6k in savings!)

I'm Ready NOW!

Hi, I'm Jessica! 

I'm a media trainer, speaking coach, award-winning journalist, author, and writer.

I use my 20-plus years working as a television news anchor and reporter to help physicians, experts, entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, authors, and celebrities share their stories with the world.

Whether my clients want to nail an on-air interview, pitch new business, or prepare for a keynote, I help each person develop the confidence they need to no longer fear or dread public speaking.

That's Me!


Amazing Testimonials

"Thanks to her, I landed a spot on KTLA Live, an accomplishment I once only dreamed of. After taking her transformative course, I found the confidence to quit my day job, turning my side project into a flourishing business."

Charlie Kerbel

"Jessica’s media training course is AMAZING. I could not stop taking notes while watching-there were so many incredibly helpful tools and tips. Some of the highlights for me were: learning how to set up my shot and lighting to be camera ready for speeches, workshops, and media opportunities. Jessica’s information was very clear, thorough, and easy to follow. I learned what soundbites are and how to plan and prepare mine. Her media coaching is unparalleled. I strongly recommend working with her, she is incredible!"


 “When Good Morning America wanted to interview me, I felt so prepared thanks to her... I signed a 4-figure client that week and got more signups on my app!”

Renée Darko

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August 2024

Live calls are hosted on Fridays at 1pm PST/4pm EST

Get Press NOW Bootcamp 


  • 4 Weeks of Live Group Laser Coaching with Jessica ($9,000 Value)
  • Ask Me Anything Private 1:1 with Jessica ($1,500 Value)
  • Go From Camera Shy to Camera Ready Course ($997 Value)
  • Mock Interview Day with Award-Winning Journalists ($997 Value)
  • Get Press with Jess Guide ($297 Value)
  • Landing Press Coverage 101 eBook ($197 Value)
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